Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Ayla's 13th Birfday Pawty

AYLA:  I am 13 today.  That is starting ta get serious!  Becoming a teenager means I am sort of old like TBT.  But I will remember my youth...
So we will have a huge pawty!  Partly for me myself, but partly because Laz has never seen a full-outright slam-bang "The Mews" Pawty...

There will be chick-hen.
There will be ham.
There will be shimpsies.
There will be drinks.  Mostly Niptinis and Meowgaritas; but if ya have a desire fer a shrimp and chick-hen broth smoothie, TBT has the equipment.

And we will play games!  There will be some fancy ones.
There will be lots of regular ones (sorted for your convenience) in choosing.
There will be wand toys which TBT will move around using all 4 paws.
We have great cat trees.
There will be ladders to climb and jump (and boxes and bags too).
We are expecting quite a crowd, so just mingle, enjoy, and meet old and new friends.
For the outdoors-allowed cats, there will be a backyard (quite frankly, there just aren't any in the front yard) grand mousie hunt in early morning and late afternoon.  TBT says they are invading his garden, so catch (and eat if you wish) every mole, vole, and mouse you can find.  Especially voles.  If you catch more than you want to eat, there will be a plastic box.  Toss them in there.  We have have some caught yesserday, but we might need more. They will go to good use at the next event.  Which IS...

And for the indoors-only cats, there will be a special "mousies in the bathtub" event.  It will be "catch and release" until every indoors cat has had a turn at catching and playing.  Then you can all play Velociraptor...
BTW, TBT has set up extra litterboxes (cleaned hourly or more often as needed).  And there is a special large square of heavy black plastic next to the litter boxes for bomitting in case ya eat too much or get too excited.  Do TBT a favor and use it.  No harm, no foul, and in fact go back upstairs and eat again!

Thank you for coming to my pawty!