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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Fathers Day On Easy Like Sunday

AYLA, MARLEY, AND LAZ :  Today is Fathers Day, and we think of TBT as "Dad".  He kinna resisted that for years, saying we were all housemates and equals, but he gave in last year.  We mean, he feeds us, shelters us, entertains us, cleans the litter boxes, gives us peace on his lap, and takes care of us with the V-E-T (even iffen we dont want ta go, we know it is good fer us). 

So we had read about Woman Beins being "Mom" on other blogs and decided he had to be "Dad" since he did all the same things (he refused to let us call him "Mom").

So we made him a Fathers Day card, cooked breakfast, and let him sleep late, an when he got up after 9 hours, we told him how grateful we were that he was our Dad.

Right...  Iffen you believe that, we have a box full of invisible mousies to sell you...  We walked all over him at 5 am asking for food and Laz kept up a nonstop talking routine. 

But we DID snuggle against him and purr all around him.  Because he IS our Dad...

And we did manage THIS...