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Monday, June 22, 2020

Mancat Monday

LAZ:  BT sed I should show more pics of me and tell stuff.  OK.

Red Eye fix dosnt werk on me.  He says puter says orang isnt red.  Ruins my deep bloo eyes.  They feel same to me.
I am sometime gud at sittin fer pics.  Sometims not.  In first home, bein stared at was bad.  But BT is safe.
I can move hed fast and rest stay still an focused.  Is that normal?
BT says I have rather large ears.  I hope that gud.   And long strait whiskers.  Ayla has twisty ones.
Seeing pics of me is weerd.   I nefer saw those stripes over my eyes.  Kinna cool.
BT says I shud ask if any questions.  OK, Any questions?  He says he will help me answer.  Never had any questions befor.