Saturday, June 27, 2020

Caturday Saturday

LAZ:  Wow, I got questions ta anser.  There ar kittis out ther who care bout me!

Most were about "do I like it here"?  Yes, yes I do.  New wet fuds bt also familar crunchys, Ayla playful an we run aroun the hous together.  She says chasin is differnt that with Iza.  Like I play and Iza whapped.  We sit and groom a bit.  And Marly.  That new ta me.

Te best thing mebbe is that there no mean doggs or grabby kids.  Me first place was hard with them.  Snarls and tail grabbin.  Foster much better.  But I like it here too.  Calm, quiet, easy.  Sleep against BT at night and sometimes Ayla and Marlly.

I like that BT tosses toys.  Some smell odd and make me wild.  Some make sounds.  Some are gud ta carry around.

One thing bother me.  I wanna go out.  Ayla and Marly do, but BT wont let me.  He says I need to come when called beter.  Im trying.  I got a new name an sounds ta learn.  I go to the clear door with them, but he says not yet.  Well, at least I get ta smell them all over when they come back.  That ecitin!

BT says my niknme is "destrocat".  Well, still not used to were evrything is so is bump stuff over.  I clime a lot,  Nok the top board off the fire place.  Nok stuff over all over.  BT does just smile and stroke me, an thats gud.  Nothin I do gets me in truble, thats gud. I relly like BT.  

Gettin calmer.  Likin new fuds.  Likin the litter boxs cause Marly and Ayla use them, so I should too.  Their stuff is OK.  Easy ta paw arond.

Lerning new werds evry dy.  Ayla talks them ta me a lot.  Marly sometime.

I stil get all spookd easily and run an hide.

I like the huts in cat trees.  Comfy an safe.  Lik I sed, sometims I get spookd, so huts are gud.