Thursday, July 02, 2020

Garden Tour Thursday

AYLA:  Hi, ready for our Garden Tour today?  Good, lets see what we have...
The lilies are looking great this year.  An the more colorful ones are bloomin at the same time as the reglar yellow ones,  Thats allus nice.
These red ones are especially nice.
The Stokes Asters are so reliable.  And they are older than I am!
This is a Yucca plant flower.  It doesnt bloom every year.
This pot of Pansies is doing well.  Probly because it is the shadiest part of the deck.  An thats why I nap there a lot.

This pond Lily is gorgeous!
The Coneflowers are making a comeback.  There were few last year.  But they spread seeds around I guess.  Unfortunately, they are in the garden path, so TBT is gonna have ta move them.  They will look good clumped together in the Meadow Bed.
Just GOTTA look at the Daylilies again!
Well, lets go up on the shady deck, it is hot out today!

Lets see, Marley and Laz have chosen BFF Tuna and Chicken, assorted treats all mixed together,an Meowgaritas.  Be careful of the water bowls;  TBT soaked dried Nip in the water of the purple bowl.  The red bowl has regular water though.

Thanks so much fer coming along on this weeks Garden Tour!