Monday, July 06, 2020

Mancat Monday

LAZ:  No, ya dont see me here.  That cuz I inside a cabinet.
Ayla tells me Iza used ta open cabinet doors from the side and jam her headdie in.  I do better.

I stand up an pull from the top and swing it all full open.  Im in the left one.  Ya cant see me there, but when I open a door it stays open.  Ayla likes that, since she has never figured out how ta open those doors.  She depended on TBT (she finally corrected me on that - I thought it was BT) ta open them fer her.

Glad ta help.  Mebbe she like me better.  We do play, but I all time have to start the play.

Oh!  Wanna say I learned new game.  TBT tosses kibbles while he eats is own dinner.   They bounce on the floor SO COOL!  Is ecitin to catch them...  Ayla says Izas favrit game.  Wish I met her. 

Marley says Im here cuz she isnt.  Thats a bit awkward.  But he says not ta worry as she had ta leave for her own reasons.  So I guess that is OK.

I like it here.  But I sure wish I could go out with Marley and Ayla.  TBT says "too soon".  When is "too soon" over?