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Thursday, July 09, 2020

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  Welcome to our Garden Tour.  I will be your guide this week.  It is a bit hot out (14th day in a row over 90F), but we are getting some afternoon shade, so it wont be too bad.
First, we have these daisies wild in the garden.  We are leaving them there because they will attract some pollinator buggies.
One garden bed is a nursery for plants that will go elsewhere when they grow big and strong.  There are some Mums and a False Bamboo TBT dug up to see if wild shoots would transplant well.  They do.  Also there is this Knockout rose blooming nicely.
The Daylilies are colorful.  BTW, that one that looked greenish last time is actually very pale yellow.  But it has a green center an the camera can see that better up close.  Plus it seems to reflect the green leaves around it.
But mostly today we will be looking at veggies.  Dont go all "yuck, veggies".  They ARE growing things and CAN look rather pretty.  Here you can see the whole garden.
The corn plants are growing nicely considering they are only 2 weeks old.  
These cucumber plants will grow up the trellis.  That way, they take up little room and are easy to pick.
Same for these flat italian pole beans.
The tomaters are growing fast.  They are all heirlooms.  Fewer tomaters, but TBT says they taste better.  Not like WE are going ta eat any of course...
And there are leeks growing.  They are a kind of onion (NOW ya can say "yuck").
Some yellow squash.  We will leave only the strongest seedling.  TBT likes them M/W with onions an tomaters an oregano.

Well, thats enough, it IS kinna hot out here.  Lets go up on the shady deck an see what Ayla and Laz have for us...

Ooh, salmon!  And minced ham with bacon bits.  And there are Niptinis with (sniff, sniff) toona juice.  Of course, plain water (with toona juice) for anny kittens or non-nippers.  Oh and look at THIS!  A big bowl with some rattley balls ta paw around an make some noise...

Thank you for coming along on this weeks Garden Tour.  We expect ta get back ta mostly flowers next time.