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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Twofur Tuesday

AYLA:  I cant figure out Laz yet.  Most times he is "nice as nice" and other times he is just plain bat-nuts.  This is a "nice as nice"...
I asked Marley about it, and neither of us can remember being his age.  TBT says we were both very easy-going, but he WOULD say that even iffen we wernt.  I DID find a picture when Iza came and we fought some.  Like when I would hop off the cat tree right onto her on the floor.  So maybe I was a bit wildish at Lazs age.

Marley of course was NEVER like that.  Iza an Me just loved Marley right from te start.  Big soft eyes,  friendly face, easy-going.  Who couldnt love the "little guy" (well, he WAS little once).  But Laz isnt Marley an I have ta get used ta that.

I wish Iza could have stayed around to meet Laz.  THEY would have tussled good!  Until a year ago, Iza would have LOVED to have Laz around.  She NEEDED someone like him.  But I guess Laz is here cause Iza isnt.

I dont allus unnerstand all this coming and going stuff.   I came here when it was Skeeter and LC and Me, then it was LC an Me.  Then it was Iza and Me.  Then Iza, Marley an Me.  Now it is Marley, Laz, an Me.  Sometimes, I forget who is here.  Well, TBT allus, of course. 

But Laz need ta meow a bit.  I been teachin him werds.  He is getting better...

LAZ:  Ha, Ha, MOL!  I been lernin werds.  Impawtant ones like TBT, dinnertime, treats, Laz, No, Get Down, Lap, scritchies?.  Thats lots.  An normal ones like these.  An it OK ta climb, but not in TBT food room.

Have a happy!