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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Sitting On The Edge

AYLA:  I like sitting up high and out on overhangs.  These boards hang over the deck rails.  TBT intends to attach them to the top of the rails to match the deck floor, but they have been sitting there for several years so it must not be a high-priority thing.  But *I* like them.
I have to be careful not ta actally fall asleep there, though.  LC told me once that she was nappin on the deck once an rolled over an suddenly there was no more deck unner her!  She says she landed on her feet but it was about 8" down.  The TOP of the rails are 3" higher.  So I wouldnt LIKE to try that.

In fact, I think I'll move off...
Well, at least HERE, its even odds that I only fall 3'.  But I dont plan ta actally NAP there annyway.  So Im safe...