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Friday, August 14, 2020

Flashback Friday

Today we are looking at pics from this week 2014.

Iza was showing off her silken tummy.
Marley was up on the bookcases and not sure he wanted to be that high.  Ayla was not sure she wanted company there.  And yes that is a picture of my parents.  And the box with Mom's ashes...
I had just had the deck rebuilt sightly larger (my old one was "not to code") so I added a landscaping box for hostas. 
The local electric coop had sent an offer for half-off attic and wall insuation improvements, so I decided to accept.  I had the attic filled with "useful" boxes", so I had to toss them down and out.
This one was a "smiley-surprise".  The trailer was filled with yard debris to bring to the County Mulching Center.  I got a trailerload of free mulch in exchange.  The "smiley" part is that my trailer looks almost EXACTLY like that today (but different load of debris of course).
If it ever stops raining for a week, I will bring the load of debris to the Mulching Center.  But I know from experience it is in rather of a bowl of mud after a rain.  And the  only time they will use a bucket-loader to fill a trailer is Saturday before noon.  Why?  I do not know.  The same guy is there all the time moving debris around to keep the piles composting.

Hope you enjoyed the trip to the past...