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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Twosday Recoverin

LAZ:   Oh wow...  That was quite a big deal Sundy.  I dint know what pawtys were like.  I mean, yeah, Ayla had one 2 moons ago, but I mostly hid.  But Marley was so thrilled this time and there were lots of other cats here .  I firs dint know what ta do but then there were other cats my age and wee ran aroun like nutsos.  That was gud.

TBT says I have one coming up in Toctober 25 myself.  I dint even know I had a birfday.  But it seems I get it on then an will be all ecited then. 

But ti then, I got a chair.

Even better, the boxes went away today.  So I can sit with pride.  Yeah, Im a little confoosed.  Things are all new t me.  Today, Im happy to sit and think about Marleys pawty...