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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The 14th Blogoversary Party

We had to let TBT explain our past yesserday, but today is PAWTY TIME!   We are hoping it will be The Best EVER!

We have arranged to have multiple tunnels!

Connect 2-in-1 Cat Tunnel | Free P&P £29+ at zooplus!

Rip them up.  We have more.

You & Me Double Wide Cardboard Cat Scratcher Refills | PetcoPin on Cat Scratching Pads


Colorful, Color, Foam Rubber, Balls


I think we have enough, and there is more in boxes.


We have LOTS of Nip!
Phoenix Farm Organic Dried Whole Catnip Catmint 0.4 by ...


We have LOTS of Boxes that TBT will bring out...
Please stop telling me to take care of myself (+10 Ways to ...


Ya cant have too many with a crowd...

 No, it won't be like THIS!
Best Litter Box For Multiple Cats That Want To Share

It will be a dozen nice ones set a few paws apart.  And cleaned every hour.  More if required.  Ayla will tell TBT when.  She is the fussiest.


There will be more ladders than usual.  Ayla and Laz say they want higher ones.  OK...
What to Know Before Buying Your First Ladder - Sunset ...
And for "new or nervous climbers"...
Cosco 2-Step All Steel Folding Step Stool, Gray, Each (CSC11135CLGG1)

Though we kinna used up the supply of mousies on Marley's Birfday Pawty, Laz has discovered crickets in the basement.  He will show you where to look.

Loud Sounds of Crickets Chirping - HD Audio - YouTube And you might find a skink...

So we will add pictures of us The Mews...

The PAWTY starts NOW!  Let it be a day ta remember...  We don't get a 14th Blogoversary every year!