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Monday, September 07, 2020

Labor Day

THE MEWS:  We are not entirely sure about this Holiday.  We celebrate most Bein Holidays because Holidays are nice of course and we try to unnerstand TBTs life.  Most make sense, so it isnt too tricky for us. 

But this seems ta celebrate "werking" and of course, we dont do that.  Even barn cats dont "werk".  Its food and fun.  Who doesnt love catching mousies?

TBT HERE:  Um, Mews, the barn cats catch food to not starve.  It isn't a game for them.  And some days, they sleep hungry...  It is sort of "feralish". 

THE MEWS:  Oh...  We dint quite realize that.  So barn cats are "werkers" and getting free food would be a "day off"?  Our game is their werk?  That changes things.  We fully support it then!

If you have a barn cat, feed it today to give it a day off worrying about the next meal.  Some Nip wouldnt hurt either...