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Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Twofur Tuesday

TBT:  OK, so we moved some posts around after Laz had his first visit "outside" and discovered later that this one was a bit "time-challenged".  So I consulted with Marley and Laz about whether to use it.  They both decided it was OK, so long as it was clearly identified as "BEFORE".  So consider this a Very Recent Flashback from, like, September 1st...

MARLEY:  OK, Laz doesnt get "boundaries".   But he has ta stay inside so he has lots of questions.  He could back off a bit though!
LAZ:  "Marley, Marley, what's out there?  Is it innerestin"?  Can I sniff ya when ya come back in? 
Didya get a skink?  Did ya get a mouse?  Can I have a mousie?  Bring me a mousie, PLEASE!?