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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Answering Questions

Today I answer questions and comments. 

PATZYS PLACE  commented:  I never get to go outside but our screen broken and I snuck out. Usually I’m too scared. I was gone for a couple of hours and when mommy finally spotted me at the door and shooed me in she went to kiss me and I slapped her in the face! Not once but twice. It’s a good thing she wears glasses. Then I ignored her pretty much for two days. Everything is good now but I can’t figure out why I slapped her. Was I mad that she let me get out or was I mad she made me come back in? It was after midnight when I did this. Any ideas?

MARLEY:   As an indoor cat, your outside instincts are naturally surpressed.  When you got loose outside, yur inborn feral "programming" came to the surface to protect you while outside.    When you returned into the house, it took a while to change back again.  So you were in self-protect mode for a while.

I am glad it caused no harm to yer Mom, but it was not an unnatural reaction.  She was "temporarily" a stranger and possibly a threat.  You reacted properly.  I am sure that by now, you have made it up to her...  You both need that.

Many commenters asked if Maraey brought a mousie in for Laz to play with.

MARLEY:  No, I didn't catch one.  They are still hiding in their wet holes.  But once I catch enough for ME, I will consider bringing one to Laz.  TBT will know when.  I hold offerrings at the deck doors asking to enter with one.  Usually, it is for HIM, but I'll surrender one to Laz.  He's my brofur...  He deserves to experience a mousie.


TBT:  We also got many comments about The Mews all bein of the bed together.  It WAS unusual.  Usually, one or 2 will come up on the bed.  Seldom all 3.  Laz tends to join me alone.  Ayla often comes up, but leaves if Laz is there.  Marley and Ayla are fine together. 

Each variously gets under the blankets.  Sometimes nosing in, but usually by invitation if I raise the edge of the blankets.  Marley sleeps there the best, just out of touch.  Laz is getting good at snuggling his back against my crooked knees.  Ayla likes her paws against my legs and her claws tend to slide out.  That is not so great. 

ON the blankets, Marley is easiest.  He just wants to be close.  Ayla is worst.  She likes to sit on my ankles and and that feels odd.  I tend to toss and turn a bit.  Laz likes the small of my back and that is oddly comfortable. 

That's long enough for today...