Tuesday, September 29, 2020

TwoFur Tuesday

LAZ:  Marley an I get along well.  We share spaces good.  He teaches me more Bein werds.  I lick his forehead some cauz whatkitty doesnt like THAT?

We were nappin next ta each other in the morning.  But when he saw te TBT, he hopped down.  He says that means breakfast.  I dont know all the habits or sounds of TBT yet,  so I watch Marley.
After breakfast, Marley went back ta claw on the ropey stuff.  Marley says it needs ta be replaced cuz there isn't much left.  [TBT:  I bought new sisal rope, but want to remove the board and just wrap it tightly around the post]
Well, I finally decided to go eat.  I could smell it wasnt my favorit, but a guy hasta eat.  TBT can be very firmly patient sometimes.  Well, hes not the hungry one. 
I really like crunchies.  Marley and Ayla like the wet stuff .  On the other paw, when TBT puts out crunchies, they sure eat them.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Not Easy Like Sunday

LAZ:  TBT says I'm not sposed ta be up here cuz it is Ayla's place.
 But she leaves crunchies here.
 And I LOVE crunchies...
SO TBT went and loved on Ayla in te computer room.  Made her happy.
An I found every leftover crunchie!
No one can hide them from ME!
And wow, this is almost "outside"...  No wonder Ayla likes it.  I would share...

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Caturday Saturday

LAZ:  I caught on to NIP yesserday!  Cant imagine how I didnt before.  It just happened all at once, ya know?

I was suddenly all over the house.
Running an jumping...
Seeing moths all around.
 And ANTS.  I ate some.  Spicy.
Well, maybe they were kibbles TBT tossed.  But they moved!

Whatever, but I was suddenly HUNGRY!

Thursday, September 24, 2020


AYLA:  TBT noticed that SOMEKITTY was pooping on the bath mat.  He assumed it was Laz cause neither Marley nor I had been doing that before Laz arrived.

It was me.  I got caught...  Now obviously, there are not going to be any pictures.  I demand my dignity after all.

But it wasn't the nice small firm clean poops that gave me away.  Those could have been Laz's too.  It was the peeing.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm a good clean girl. 

TBT was safely asleep in bed, so I expected no problems.  But the tinkling sound woke him up.    He didn't get up immediately but checked for some water leak later and didn't find one.  But the next morning, he left the door a little more open and heard it again.  And he saw me right there.  I was tinkling into the toilet!

Well, I SAID I was a good clean girl...

Here's the thing.  My breeder taught all her kittens to use the toilet.  I don't want to leave the bedroom because Laz pounces me and chases me.  So I remembered about my kittenhood.  I can't seem to remember how to manage the toilet pooping though.  It seems a bit more awkward. 

I'm in the bedroom all day.  Well, sometimes in the Mews Room napping on a box.  I love it when TBT picks me up and carries me around the house while I purr on his shoulder.  Safe from Laz.  I love TBT.  I love Marley.  I don't love Laz.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Deck Day

MARLEY:  OK, this was a week ago.  I'm catching up.

It dint rain, but the grass was still all wet. 
I decided ta stay on the deck.  Dry, ya know?
 TBT seldom sees me this way.    Wrong side of the door, MOL!
I'm getting tired of all the steps own ta the lawn...

Monday, September 21, 2020

Mancat Monday

LAZ:  TBT wanted a yawn so he could see my teef.  I offerred.  The flashy box problem was NOT MY FAULT!
OK, I'm done.
Mebbe he'll have better luck next time.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died tonight.  I am turning off the computer and TV for a while... 

Friday Flashback

Today we go WAY BACK to 2008...

LC and Ayla got along well.

A little chasing never hurt anyone.

Skeeter would sit on the deck after dark, but not wander.  His hunting days were past, but he still enjoyed the smell of the outdoors. 

Note the door was open, so he could come in anytime.  But he also came in when called.


TBT:   I sometimes forget how completely orange he was but for the feet and chest. 

It is good to see such old pictures again...

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  Well, things are getting a bit odd.  Ayla no longer likes ta go outside.  TBT and I only realized that a few days ago.  In fact, she seldom comes out of the 3 back rooms.   More about that another day.

So for now, I will be doing the Garden Tour.  The good part is that I am learning about the flowers.  The bad part is that I don't know much about them AND it had been a hard year for flowers with the daily rain...

So lets go out and see what we can find!   We will start on the deck...  A pansy from last year is still blooming!   Apparently they like wet weather more than *I* do!
The Black-Eyed-Susans have been blooming all Summer.  Yo will see patches of them in many spots as my go around the yard.
This is some strange flower that was BIG yesserday but is not today.  TBT tells me sme flowers are a day and some are months.   Maybe that is why we have just one of this.
The Butterfly bushes are doing well.  They are usally full of butterflies, but they run when they see me coming.  Er, maybe I shouldnt have caught a few...  
The Asters are blooming.  TBT says he would put up holders for them, but they look like weeds before they bloom.   Om the other paw, that gets them down to our level better.
This is some sort of sunflower.  If it looks a bit weak, its cuz we havent had much sun.  I'm guessing by the name that they like sun.  
There are more than one, but they are all from one plant.
I think this is a thistle.  TBT scaterred a bunch of Goldfinch thistle seeds by mistake 2 years ago.  Some still show up.  
More thistles...
We scatterred some saved marigold seeds in the meadow bed last April (I helped).  Some grew.   I like the colors but they smell a bit strong.  But pretty is pretty...
We have more thistles than I realized.  Well, normally I keep my head down looking fer mousies, so I dint realize.
There is a cucumber in the garden!  TBT has picked 2 and waiting for this one ta get bigger.  He likes them.  I sniffed one and couldn't tell any good smell.
Of 10 tomato plants, only 3 are alive.  2 have A fruit. I don't smell anything innerestin in THEM either, but TBT acts like they are shrimps wrapped in bacon.  Go figure...
The other one...
 Some flowers.  But the weeds won this year.
This is a Sedum.  It's the transplant from Iza's Spot.  It BETTER look good, just fer her.
Well, that's the Garden Tour friends.  I hope I did OK.  I have a lot ta learn about flowers.

Meanwhile, Laz chose the treats for us today.  Umm, his favrit kibble...  Well, can't win them all.  OH WAIT, here comes TBT with crushed bacon and a tray of dried NIP and some bowl of toona juice!  The snacktime may yet be saved...

Thanks for coming along on the Garden Tour. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:  Im looking at the top of the shoe rack.  There are thick-folded BLOO towels up there just for ME.  I used to sleep and eat up there a lot.  But it seems to be getting higher and higher every few moons.  I even fell down trying the jump a couple weeks ago. 

TBT should not be raising it when he KNOWS I like ta be up there!
On the other paw, the top of the dresser is a good place ta eat.  There is a chair next to it, and 2 small hops get me up there.  He says is is considering taking all the stuff up there away and putting my bloo towels on it since I CHOOSE to go there instead of the shoe rack.
Well, iffen he likes to see me THERE, I wont hiss.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


LAZ:  In this case, 2 of ME! 

ME in B&W.
And ME in Color...
Not a lot of diffefference, is there?

Marley has all that orange fur, and even Ayla has such distinkt differences in her tan and and black.  But *I* can blend in.  But *I* have spots and arcs that make me hard ta see.  I'm gonna be a GREAT mousie-hunter next year...

I would like that ta be OUT sooner (that one hour was really eciting), but TBT says I need ta pay more attenshun when he calls my name and I need to not fight the harness so he can show me where our territory is. 

Marley says the harness and leash is not forever and I've learned he "knows stuff", so I am gonna try hard to go along wit that so I can be outside safe.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  TBT says we are getting too reptatif, repreatated, taking the same pictures too often.  So we have ta started thinking more originally.

On the other paw, this is one of my 3 favrit places, so iffen he wants pictures, he has to take them where we are.  
I unnerstand some.  A lot look the same an that can get boring to our friends.  But it is a favrit place to me in the daytime.  The other 2 are on the otto-man an on TBTs lap (I spend more time there since Iza left). 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sometimes Just Weerd

LAZ:  Sometimes TBT says I just act a bit weerd.  Like this evening, when I suddenly started rollin around on the floor whapping at stuff I saw.  And that he dint.
Well, he dosnt see things we cats do...

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Flashback Friday On Saturday

Because yesserday was a special quiet day, we are doing Flashback Friday today. 

Today we visit this week in 2010...

Iza was doing a Garden Tour...
And looking for frogs...

And we were given a painting done by a friend of Grammas!
Close up.
We love that...