Tuesday, September 15, 2020


LAZ:  In this case, 2 of ME! 

ME in B&W.
And ME in Color...
Not a lot of diffefference, is there?

Marley has all that orange fur, and even Ayla has such distinkt differences in her tan and and black.  But *I* can blend in.  But *I* have spots and arcs that make me hard ta see.  I'm gonna be a GREAT mousie-hunter next year...

I would like that ta be OUT sooner (that one hour was really eciting), but TBT says I need ta pay more attenshun when he calls my name and I need to not fight the harness so he can show me where our territory is. 

Marley says the harness and leash is not forever and I've learned he "knows stuff", so I am gonna try hard to go along wit that so I can be outside safe.