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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  Well, things are getting a bit odd.  Ayla no longer likes ta go outside.  TBT and I only realized that a few days ago.  In fact, she seldom comes out of the 3 back rooms.   More about that another day.

So for now, I will be doing the Garden Tour.  The good part is that I am learning about the flowers.  The bad part is that I don't know much about them AND it had been a hard year for flowers with the daily rain...

So lets go out and see what we can find!   We will start on the deck...  A pansy from last year is still blooming!   Apparently they like wet weather more than *I* do!
The Black-Eyed-Susans have been blooming all Summer.  Yo will see patches of them in many spots as my go around the yard.
This is some strange flower that was BIG yesserday but is not today.  TBT tells me sme flowers are a day and some are months.   Maybe that is why we have just one of this.
The Butterfly bushes are doing well.  They are usally full of butterflies, but they run when they see me coming.  Er, maybe I shouldnt have caught a few...  
The Asters are blooming.  TBT says he would put up holders for them, but they look like weeds before they bloom.   Om the other paw, that gets them down to our level better.
This is some sort of sunflower.  If it looks a bit weak, its cuz we havent had much sun.  I'm guessing by the name that they like sun.  
There are more than one, but they are all from one plant.
I think this is a thistle.  TBT scaterred a bunch of Goldfinch thistle seeds by mistake 2 years ago.  Some still show up.  
More thistles...
We scatterred some saved marigold seeds in the meadow bed last April (I helped).  Some grew.   I like the colors but they smell a bit strong.  But pretty is pretty...
We have more thistles than I realized.  Well, normally I keep my head down looking fer mousies, so I dint realize.
There is a cucumber in the garden!  TBT has picked 2 and waiting for this one ta get bigger.  He likes them.  I sniffed one and couldn't tell any good smell.
Of 10 tomato plants, only 3 are alive.  2 have A fruit. I don't smell anything innerestin in THEM either, but TBT acts like they are shrimps wrapped in bacon.  Go figure...
The other one...
 Some flowers.  But the weeds won this year.
This is a Sedum.  It's the transplant from Iza's Spot.  It BETTER look good, just fer her.
Well, that's the Garden Tour friends.  I hope I did OK.  I have a lot ta learn about flowers.

Meanwhile, Laz chose the treats for us today.  Umm, his favrit kibble...  Well, can't win them all.  OH WAIT, here comes TBT with crushed bacon and a tray of dried NIP and some bowl of toona juice!  The snacktime may yet be saved...

Thanks for coming along on the Garden Tour.