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Thursday, September 24, 2020


AYLA:  TBT noticed that SOMEKITTY was pooping on the bath mat.  He assumed it was Laz cause neither Marley nor I had been doing that before Laz arrived.

It was me.  I got caught...  Now obviously, there are not going to be any pictures.  I demand my dignity after all.

But it wasn't the nice small firm clean poops that gave me away.  Those could have been Laz's too.  It was the peeing.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm a good clean girl. 

TBT was safely asleep in bed, so I expected no problems.  But the tinkling sound woke him up.    He didn't get up immediately but checked for some water leak later and didn't find one.  But the next morning, he left the door a little more open and heard it again.  And he saw me right there.  I was tinkling into the toilet!

Well, I SAID I was a good clean girl...

Here's the thing.  My breeder taught all her kittens to use the toilet.  I don't want to leave the bedroom because Laz pounces me and chases me.  So I remembered about my kittenhood.  I can't seem to remember how to manage the toilet pooping though.  It seems a bit more awkward. 

I'm in the bedroom all day.  Well, sometimes in the Mews Room napping on a box.  I love it when TBT picks me up and carries me around the house while I purr on his shoulder.  Safe from Laz.  I love TBT.  I love Marley.  I don't love Laz.