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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

TwoFur Tuesday

LAZ:  Marley an I get along well.  We share spaces good.  He teaches me more Bein werds.  I lick his forehead some cauz whatkitty doesnt like THAT?

We were nappin next ta each other in the morning.  But when he saw te TBT, he hopped down.  He says that means breakfast.  I dont know all the habits or sounds of TBT yet,  so I watch Marley.
After breakfast, Marley went back ta claw on the ropey stuff.  Marley says it needs ta be replaced cuz there isn't much left.  [TBT:  I bought new sisal rope, but want to remove the board and just wrap it tightly around the post]
Well, I finally decided to go eat.  I could smell it wasnt my favorit, but a guy hasta eat.  TBT can be very firmly patient sometimes.  Well, hes not the hungry one. 
I really like crunchies.  Marley and Ayla like the wet stuff .  On the other paw, when TBT puts out crunchies, they sure eat them.