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Saturday, October 03, 2020

Caturday Saturday

TBT HERE:    Yesterday, I posted a old picture with The Mews wearing collars.  I gave up on that.  They just pulled them off (usually outside) and I just couldn't bring myself to make them tight enough to prevent it.

But you may have noticed that Iza had 3 bells on her collar. 

I did that because she would quietly come behind me and sit while I was preparing my dinner.  And when I eventually innocently stepped back, she would get pushed with a foot or a tail stepped on (and I hasten to assure you that I learned to step carefully to detect anything that wasn't "floor").

So I thought yu might enjoy this... 

After one Christmas, I bought a 100 jingle bells in a bag for $1.  I intended to attach them all around her collar so I would always know where she was.  Talk about "Belling The Cat"!  Well, I experimented with double-stick tape and attaching bells all around her collar. 

I think she understood what my intent was.  She walked carefully and quietly during that day,  And in the middle of the night she came up on the bed and shook her neck until she "jingled" me awake.  

Dang she was a smart cat.  She KNEW what she was doing!  I took the bells off.  Later, I took all the collars off.

Some cats tolerate collars.  Some cats seem to actually like them.  I've given up on them.