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Monday, October 05, 2020


TBT HERE:  OK, Sometimes we have pics a bit out of order.  Like maybe a good Ayla pic is caught on Mancat Monday, ya know?  But this time we are all week out.  This week's pics will actually be next week's pics.  Because this is LAZ's Week.

It's the 5th month of his Gotcha Day.

I opened The Door and let him OUT.  Scared to death he would just run away, but there has to come a time and it was good day...  It turned out OK.  So I'll let him discuss things himself...

LAZ:  Ive been stayin close to the door when Marley and sometimes Ayla go out,  The sniffs were drivin me CRAZY!  But TBT does this toe-tap thing to tell me "NO".

Today, he dint.  He invited me OUT.  OMC, OMC, OMC!  Ive been pretty good lately, but I dint know I was THAT good...

I tared out at first.   mean, TBT wasnt holding me this time...
 But I stepped out.  I almost fainted...  But Im brave.
I looked over the EDGE.
I looked UNNER the Edge.
 And ten Marley ran down te stairs an I naturally followed him (we are besties) an I was ON GROUND. 
Well, OK, I ran back up.  And THE DOOR was open. 
 And that was the chioce.  IN or OUT!
 HEY, I really THOUGHT about it...
Marley said "its no big deal".   Yeah to HIM mebbe.
So I did halfway.  I explored the deck.
 Learned the deck smels.  Gotta know that to know where the house is...
 And the smells ARE great!
 OK, this is where The Door is.
Marley sat here, so thats gud.
Ayla rubbed here.  Gud...
Doors open.  Gud...
I can go in...
Tomorrow, the REAL OUT!