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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:  I got a surprise yesserday.  I routinely have weighed 6.6 lbs.  Today I weighed 7.2.  Well, I HAVE been eatin better recently, and (aside from that one attack last week) Laz hasn't been bothering me "as much" since.  TBT told me after that attack that Laz's fur were more pushed around than mine, and he found a scab on his head.  Mebbe Im doin better than I thought.

[TBT:  I relaced the Felliway diffuser, too]

I did whap Laz a few times and he is more cautious.  I just didn't know it was "allowed", ya know?  I've always been the Good Girl.  When Iza left, I thought I would stop being bullied, but then Laz arrived and picked up where Iza left off.  I got tired of that.  I just want to live in peace...

Well, I've been around the house more lately, and have even gone out on the deck a few times.  And sittin on the Dad lap too.  I mostly drape over his shoulder, but I've been lappin some.