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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  Welcome to another Garden Tour!   Its a nice day here.

So lets take a look around...
First, we are pleased with the marigolds.  TBT saved a pint of seeds from last year's, which came from the year before that, which came from te year before THAT.  So they are repeating themselfs which is GOOD.  He just tossed seeds around and now we have more than I can count (go ahead and try, I dare you).  It took them a while ta grow an flower, but they are doing good now.
These are sunflowers, though they look a lot like black-eye Susans but you can see they are bigger.
This one keeps growing each year.  We think they are Nyjer thistles, but there are some that look a lot the same and may be almost the same,
The Aster are doing well.  Been there many years and just keep growig back. 
This hydrangea doesn't seem to know its season is over.  All the rest went to bed couple months ago.
The Autun Joy Sedum are sturdy and long-lived too.  This one was dug up for "Iza's Memorial" spot and will be replanted behind it next month.  She would like that.  Daffodils in front of her, the small pond next to her,  and Fall flowers behind...
We have a couple Goldenrods.  They arent sneezy ones.  But they belong in the meadow bed and will be moved.

Another flower out-of-its-time.  But we will take even a single daylily any time.
Some few Cosmos have grown and bloomed.  TBT tried 3 kinds this year and I haven't the slightest one this is.  Maybe Psyche.
And back up on the deck ta relax.  And what do we have here but the last pansy from planting a year ago!  It still blooms...  They must LOVE rain!  We are gonna see how long it lasts.

Well, here we are on the deck, so lets have some treats.  Since Ayla is napping in the bedroom and Laz seems to think kibble is the best stuff on Earth, I asked Dad to choose.  And he didn't disappoint me.

Darn, he sure knows what's good.  He opened up a few cans of BFF Tuna and duck.  And a few cans of Turkey and added some minced shrimps!  And he picked fresh Nip leafs.  I don't know why, but leafs of the plant arent as good as when he crushes them in his fingers and drops them down.  

One per cat though...  They are getting more potent every year.  Or maybe that is just me.  And the bowls of water have some no-salt chickie broth added for a touch of flavor.  

Thanks for coming along on this weeks Garden Tour!