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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Caturday Saturday

 MARLEY:   Laz follows me around outside.  TBT says that is good.

My presence probably DOES protect his from intooders cats he is not really ready to face.  Not like we have seen any recently, but better that I be out here with Laz than he be surprised by one.  He is still young and inexperienced.
And Laz is getting better at returning inside when called.  He is learning that the better he is at coming in, the more likely he can go out again. 
It probably helps him when I follow.  It is a slight "push" on my part, but it is also that he understands that it is a part of the routine.  When TBT calls us, we return.

It probably helps Laz learn that, that there is usually stinkey goodness or crunchies when we come inside when called.  *I* come when called because I know TBT has a reason.  Like he is going to go shopping or it will be dark soon, or some good reason.  Laz still needs a small bribe.