Saturday, October 31, 2020


For Halloween this year, we are doing a flashback  to Halloween 2012...


A Halloweeny Haunted Ceiling Tunnel!

IZA:  OMC!  Ayla and Marley spent 2 days out in the garage settin up a "Scarey Halloween Haunted Tunnel" just for Spitty and Me to esperience!  I had NO idea, but they told me to invite my lovey boyfriend Spitty over fer a BIG SURPRISE.

I dint know about the ceiling over the garage.  But Marley did.

They say they got all kinna really scarey stuff in there.  And Spitty is here now, SO HERE WE GO!

It started out easy.  An EVIL SKWERL...

And a (Shudder)  empty food bowl! 
I wasnt sure I wanted to go further, but Spitty said to be brave, so I did my best.  It helped that he was right there by my side...
He is SUCH a manly cat!!!  I feel so SAFE whe he is around.

Then we saw terrible things!  A Crazy Cat Lady grabbing cats from ALL over.

And the grim Needle-Vader!
And "It" probes yer nether parts too!

We fell down in horror together!  We CLUNG in fear!
Well, actally, THAT part was good...  Holding tight to Spitty is very nice...


JUST when we thought it was all over...  THE SHOWER!!!

We weren't certain about it, but then it went and MOVED and we got SOAKED!  Oh it was awful...  No place to run an hide!  We ran farther down the ceiling tunnel only to find THIS in our way!

It was a scary undedded Voodoo Woman Zombie!
  and her pet RAT! 
We backed away fast, hoding each other tight (Spitty no doubt to protect me), but that sent us straight into a defleshicated cat skeleton,
and a GIANT RAT that must have EATEN it!
We were both about discombuberated by then and I think I fainted on a (convenient) pillow. 
But Spitty, Kingly mancat that he is, stood guard over me until I came back to my senses!

And TOGETHER, we went forward!!!

Only to turn a small corner and see...
Oh crap, and I mean that literally!!!  We both fell apart fer a second and scrabbled fer the exit.  But we found each others paws as we went! 

What?  You thought we were gonna get together an fight THAT?  Just US?  Are you NUTS? Look at that Skwerl blood on its teefs (I HOPE that is just skwerl blood).

We low-tailed it outta there!  Ayla and Marley were laffin their butts off as we ran out.  They asked iffen we liked the funny ghosties and smiley pumpkins they set in there.

"Funny ghosties, smiley pumpkins"?  We said what we saw, an they both went pale.  Spitty backed me up and ya gotta trust SPITTY!  Well, Ayla's choclate ears went grayish, and Marley's pinky paws went white.

When I described bein grabbed by the Zombie lady and Spitty was right there an couldn't even SEE it, Marley and Ayla yelped!

They KNEW something was gone all wrong!

Marley started ta poke his head up into the ceiling tunnel, but a strange hiss in there poofed his tail  bigger than a foot-long pine cone an he backed down REAL quiet...

We figure Ayla and Marley tapped into another dimension.  Some eleventieth dimension beyond that which is known to cat. A dimension as vast as space and timeless as the days between meals when yer lost in a desert!  In the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of cat's fears and the summit of our knowledge.  Somewhere in the ceiling of our garage...  

Come visit it iffen you DARE...

WE wont ever again...

WE plan to just stay curled up UTB tonight and forget about it as best we are able.  

 Iffen YOU go in, dont assume you will come out.  There were pathways in there we DINT take...
Well, dont say we dint warn ya...

Friday, October 30, 2020

Flashback Friday

Today, we look back to this week in 2009.

Iza was in her favorite pose...

And was being frindly with Ayla,,,


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Cat Daddy Day

Its Cat-Daddy Day, so we dug out an old picture.


Dont worry, he is happier than he looks...

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Werdy Wensday

We should mention that we have been having some real problems with Feedly the past 2 weeks.   On Firefox, it just shows us a blank page and we can't make it open our list.  On Safari, it shows us our list but makes us jump through hoops to visit our friends and get it to realize we have.  We can edit it individually each time, but it is driving us up a tree... 

TBT is trying to figure out what the problem is but hes pretty stoopid sometimes and it takes him a while ta solve stuff.  

New Blogger is also driving us nutsie.  It is so much less great than before.  Part is so counter-intuitive (like only one return key hit for a paragraph) which will eventually ruin his (already poor typing) in The Rest Of The Universe.  And New Blogger always makes our first pic left-indended and forces the text in "wrong places", makes it harder to adjust size, and makes it harder to move pics around if they get out of order, and wants to make text "links" and stuff like that.

Don't even ASK about "labels".  Apparently, you don't click where you think you should. 

He is looking at other blog sites, but doesn't want to leave Blogger. 

If anyone has solved these problems, let us know.  Meanwhile, TBT will thrash around wildly...

And if that 2-run paragraph spacing doesn't stop, he will utterly lose his mind.  Well, so he says.  We think it is gone anyway.


SOLVED FIREFOX!  We left it.  Being stuck in unending beta versions (which we couldn't get out of) was like butt-scootching on harsh sandpaper, ya know?  TBT finally got bookmarks into Safari and it is working great.  And we (somehow) even got some old lost bookmarks back.  Firefox will be deleted.  (bye-bye)...  New Blogger is STILL driving us nutsie though.


On the other paw, what is a post without pictures of US?  

We are relaxing.

Laz is probably down in the basement hunting for skinks.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Twofur Tuesday


I was planning ta do something here, but I forget what it was.

OH!  Now I remember.  BISCUITS... 
Let me get going.  The waterybed is purrfect fer that.  Firm, but yielding...
Knead, knead, knead...
LAZ:  What is this?  I better watch closely.  Is this part of catching mousies?

Monday, October 26, 2020

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Its My 3rd Birfday!

LAZ:   My 1st one here.  And the first one ever celebrated with happiness and peace.

I actally dint know about Birfdays before.   But Marley told me about "years" and ages.  I am 3 of them.  Quite frankly, I could have skipped the first 2 years; they were not great.  But I'm here in a better place and want to stay.  So I've learned to be nicer to Ayla and been tussling with Marley gentler.  Not that he needs ME to be gentler, he is big and strong.

But TBT told me I could decide on what I wanted for my Birfday Celebration.  So I decided to show off my 5 months here.  I'm new to this...  

My last day with my previous mom...

A first day HERE!
Me in The Mews Room getting used to sounds and smells.
Hiding up high.  TBT looked all around the room before he saw me up here.
I liked that little cave...
When Marley was allowed in, that was a shock.  I dint know what to make of him.  BIG, but calm.
So we sniffed nosies.
When I was allowed out of the Mews Rom, I liked thhe CHAIR.
Sometimes I just sat around...
But of course I found a box.  Who doesn't like a box?
I sat on TBTs lap a few times.  That was a comfort.  No dogs, no kids.  Sctritchies!
Marley said it was OK to sit in "his" platform.  He's good.
I sat by Ayla at first.  But I guess I annoyed her cuz she got hissy.  OK, maybe I reached over with a paw just to see if she wanted to play.  She didn't.
We ate tgether.  TBT said it was a rare event that Ayla ate in the kitchen.
We ALL napped together once.
OK, maybe twice.
I found a chair all my own.  That was good.  We all need our own special sots, right?
My first day out.  I was all goggley.  But yeah, those eyes...  They looked all aroubd...
But I am a bit more relaxed these days...
I can follow Marley in rather that feel he is pushing me in.  We are best buds.  I;m getting used to Ayla next...