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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Its My 3rd Birfday!

LAZ:   My 1st one here.  And the first one ever celebrated with happiness and peace.

I actally dint know about Birfdays before.   But Marley told me about "years" and ages.  I am 3 of them.  Quite frankly, I could have skipped the first 2 years; they were not great.  But I'm here in a better place and want to stay.  So I've learned to be nicer to Ayla and been tussling with Marley gentler.  Not that he needs ME to be gentler, he is big and strong.

But TBT told me I could decide on what I wanted for my Birfday Celebration.  So I decided to show off my 5 months here.  I'm new to this...  

My last day with my previous mom...

A first day HERE!
Me in The Mews Room getting used to sounds and smells.
Hiding up high.  TBT looked all around the room before he saw me up here.
I liked that little cave...
When Marley was allowed in, that was a shock.  I dint know what to make of him.  BIG, but calm.
So we sniffed nosies.
When I was allowed out of the Mews Rom, I liked thhe CHAIR.
Sometimes I just sat around...
But of course I found a box.  Who doesn't like a box?
I sat on TBTs lap a few times.  That was a comfort.  No dogs, no kids.  Sctritchies!
Marley said it was OK to sit in "his" platform.  He's good.
I sat by Ayla at first.  But I guess I annoyed her cuz she got hissy.  OK, maybe I reached over with a paw just to see if she wanted to play.  She didn't.
We ate tgether.  TBT said it was a rare event that Ayla ate in the kitchen.
We ALL napped together once.
OK, maybe twice.
I found a chair all my own.  That was good.  We all need our own special sots, right?
My first day out.  I was all goggley.  But yeah, those eyes...  They looked all aroubd...
But I am a bit more relaxed these days...
I can follow Marley in rather that feel he is pushing me in.  We are best buds.  I;m getting used to Ayla next...