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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Werdy Wensday

We should mention that we have been having some real problems with Feedly the past 2 weeks.   On Firefox, it just shows us a blank page and we can't make it open our list.  On Safari, it shows us our list but makes us jump through hoops to visit our friends and get it to realize we have.  We can edit it individually each time, but it is driving us up a tree... 

TBT is trying to figure out what the problem is but hes pretty stoopid sometimes and it takes him a while ta solve stuff.  

New Blogger is also driving us nutsie.  It is so much less great than before.  Part is so counter-intuitive (like only one return key hit for a paragraph) which will eventually ruin his (already poor typing) in The Rest Of The Universe.  And New Blogger always makes our first pic left-indended and forces the text in "wrong places", makes it harder to adjust size, and makes it harder to move pics around if they get out of order, and wants to make text "links" and stuff like that.

Don't even ASK about "labels".  Apparently, you don't click where you think you should. 

He is looking at other blog sites, but doesn't want to leave Blogger. 

If anyone has solved these problems, let us know.  Meanwhile, TBT will thrash around wildly...

And if that 2-run paragraph spacing doesn't stop, he will utterly lose his mind.  Well, so he says.  We think it is gone anyway.


SOLVED FIREFOX!  We left it.  Being stuck in unending beta versions (which we couldn't get out of) was like butt-scootching on harsh sandpaper, ya know?  TBT finally got bookmarks into Safari and it is working great.  And we (somehow) even got some old lost bookmarks back.  Firefox will be deleted.  (bye-bye)...  New Blogger is STILL driving us nutsie though.


On the other paw, what is a post without pictures of US?  

We are relaxing.

Laz is probably down in the basement hunting for skinks.