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Thursday, November 05, 2020

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY AND LAZ:  We are both trying to learn more about leading The Garden Tour.  Iza usually did it, but she had to leave rather suddenly.  I (Marley) have some experience and Laz wants to learn more, so we are taking advantage of the last few weeks to practice.  So, forgive us if not the best Tour ever...

Mostly, what we have are Marigolds...  LOTS of Marigolds!
It is supposed to be a "Meadow Bed" but that isnt werkin out real good.

Fortunately, TBT tossed saved seeds from marigolds in pots last year and decided ta just toss them around in the bed ta see what would happen.  

Ya can see these on the edge up close.  Theyre nice.

An there are LOTS of them all over the bed.  TBT is gonna save lots of those seeds too for next year (mebbe toss them somewhere else).
There are weeds, but there are more marigolds.
I (Marley) especially like that he appreciates orange flowers.  They match my furs.  And they are good camoflage when hunting mousies in there. 

That made Laz a bit sad, so I pointed out that his Meezer tan chest and tabby stripes hide him among the dying spiky leaves and grass.  That got him all cheerful again.  He wants ta catch a mousie SO MUCH.

LAZ:  Yeah, camoflage, that's what I need.  I wanna grab a mousie SO MUCH!

MARLEY:  Ya ca see some of the other flowers in the bed.  There are Black-Eyed Susans and some Sunflowers.

And these different orange ones.  We don't know what they are, though some friends have made some good guesses that all seen possible.  Tickweed, Coeopsis, Nyger Thistle...
Well, let's go up on the deck.  Ayla an TBT have been preparing some snacks.  And there are some potted flowers there to see while we wait.  Some Yellow Pansies have survived the Summer and might start flowering again.  Mebbe Pink Mums werent the best color ta put with them, but TBT didnt expect the Pansies to last so long.
Besides, pink doesnt go with many other colors.  So he put Orange and Red in one pot...
And Yellow and Red in another...

They were SUPPOSED to be Burgundy and Gold (for the "Washington DC Football Team" colors),  but TBT said when you buy unbloomed flowers on clearance for $1 a pot, ya get what ya get.

Now let's see what Ayla and TBT chose as snacks...  OK, minced poached chickie breast sprinkled with bacon bits.  Cool!  Shrimpie-flavored crunchies.  Cool.  Water.  Water?  Oh wait, it has crushed fresh Nip leaves in it!   

Thanks for coming along on out Garden Tour!