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Friday, November 06, 2020

Flashback Friday

This week we present  pics from this week 2010, with addition.

 Sometimes they slept near each other...

The bed was "Neutral Territory".
But sometimes they slept closer.

As much as they sometimes had hissyfits sometimes, and fussed, and even after I laid Iza out on the floor so Marley and Ayla might understand she wasn't in our world anymore, Ayla still went looking for Iza in Iza's favorite spots for weeks.  Ayla did not love Iza as some cats do with others, but she sensed a loss in the household.  Or maybe she loved Iza in ways she didn't show.

I will never understand fully what cats understand or think about existence, or what they truly understand about each other, but Ayla was disturbed by "No Iza" for a while.  She stopped suddenly one day.  I don't know if she even remembers her now after months.  But who can tell?  

Which makes me think of Laz.  He drove Ayla crazy for months.  He didn't react to me at all at first.  When I finally let him outside (with Marley and I watching him) he never paid the slightest attention to call-ins or "dinnertime".

And then suddenly one day, it was like a switch flipped in his mind.  I saw it happen one specific day.  He suddenly reacted when I called him.  Suddenly came in when called.  Suddenly understood "dinnertime".  Suddenly stopped chasing Ayla.  Suddenly started sleeping next to me in bed.

Some mental switch twitched...  Something about his past life changed for him.  Maybe something about all the silly songs I crooned to him changed things.  But he went from aloof to me and aggressive to Ayla and recognizing my words to paying attention to calls in a single day and accepting Ayla as a part of his house.

Did he reach the limit of his memory?  Did he suddenly come to some realization that he was in a safe place?  Did he just change his mind about "us"?  I'll never know.  

Dogs are bred to let us know EXACTLY how they feel.  Cats are not.  Some people love the "obviousness" of dogs.  I love the "mystery" of cats.