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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Brofur Thursday, Thankful Thursday

TBT here:  Sometimes you can't get a picture of something wonderful.  Today is like that.

I looked outside to see where Marley and Laz were.  I usually keep a close eye on where any of The Mews are but sometimes they hide.  But I saw a slight tail-twitch in the far corner of the yard.  After 34 years here, I know every dot of what to see.

Sure enough, I figured out it was Marley.  And then I saw a different tail twitch and realized Laz was sitting right next to him...

Two brofurs just sitting happily together in a far spot in the yard.  They are getting along so great.  I have never had 2 male cats at the same time, worried that they might fight for dominance.  I have to credit Eric and Flynn for convincing me to give 2 mancats a try.  

Marley was a gem from the first day.  He was a gift to a lady in a townhouse and she discovered she was allergic to cats.  I sat on the floor when she called him down and he settled right on my lap.  She understood I was the right person because Marley had chosen me.

Laz was a different story all-together.  He was suspicious, untouchable, and hid.  e refused contact.  He stayed in The Mews room even after the door was opened.  But he liked the old platfrm tree I had made years earlier and allowed me to stay near there.  I crooned nonsense songs to him to get him used to my voice.   

When he finally came out, he hated Ayla.  No idea why.  He chased her all over the house for months.  She hid in the bedroom.  But he liked Marley a lot.  

Then, one day last month, he changed.  Suddenly.  Overnight.  He went from bad to good.  He paid attention to my words.  He came when called.  I let him out and he loved it but returned when I called his name.  He stopped bothering Ayla (and she comes within a few feet of him now).  He responds to "dinnertime".  

So when I saw Marley and Laz in the far corner of the yard, I knew everything was going to be OK.  No pictures of the event.  Even at full zoom, I couldn't see them in the camera.  

I eventually called them in.  Laz ran like a bunny being chased  by a starving wolf.  I think he is the fastest cat I've ever seen.  I couldn't cross the yard in twice the time.  Marley came in slower.  Well, he is 10...

The house is calm now.  Laz has decided this place is safe and is his Forever Home,  he loves Marley and knows Ayla isn't to be attacked.

Months of work talking to Laz and being calm have paid off.  Whatever fears he had seem to have left him.  Peace reigns again.

I am thankful on this Thankful Thursday.  

And well, I DID process a bunch of pictures, so here are some.  Not the same day, but who cares?