Sunday, November 15, 2020

Max, The Psychokitty

An era has ended.  Max, The Psychokitty went over The Bridge on Friday.  We are very sad, but take comfort in knowing that his pains of old age in this world are over and that he is healthy and happy again.  It is sad to leave our Beings, but there comes a time when we have used up our 9 lives here and must leave.  Max was 19 1/2 and that is a LONG time.

TBT tells us that the world over The Bridge makes us young and comfortable again and that we meet old friends.  And that someday, when TBT has used up his life, he will join us there.

We have many friends who are already there.  And we know that they get rousing welcomes from their friends.  But we bet there will never have been a gathering of cats like that when Max stepped off The Bridge into his new home.   We are sure the meowings, and sniffs, and licks will take days to complete!

The Cat Blogosphere will be be one cat short of full without Max.