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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Saturday Introoder

LAZ:   I am brave!  I was outside and saw an introoder cat walking OUR fence.  And Ive learned that the fence means "our yard".  Marley protects our yard, so I do too.  I jumped up behind it and "escorted" it along until it went out of our yard!  

TBT saw, but hesitated to run out with the camera in case I went the wrong way over the fence.  So no pics.  An I almost did.  Thats when he called me.  I REALLY didnt wanna come in but I did.  His call has a strange demand on me.

I came running in.  He is amazed watching me run.  I crash into stuff on the way, slide around on the deck, and bounce off the deck deck side move the door mat feet away, and stop in the bedroom!

My tail was in full poof, but I kept pacing around inside the house and TBT couldn't get a pic of that until I had unpoofed.  

Marley had been out on the deck watching.  It may have been a test, but I KNOW he would have run out if I had had a problem.  He followed me inside and licked my head when I finally stopped trotting around the house.  

And he said I did good!  That meant a lot.  I love my Big Brother Marley.  He teaches me a lot of things.  Like the other day when I jumped off the fence into a shrub.  I thought it would slow down the fall (Im not used ta jumping off the fence) and he said there are pointy parts of them and I could get stabbed.  I hadn't thought of that.

So this time I jumped down to an open spot.  Well, I've only been outside before fer 2 moons.  So I pay attention to Marley.  He's 10!

Annyway, I got lots of crunchies and all the wet Stinky Tuna Goodness I wanted!