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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving Day

THE MEWS:  TBT says today is Thanks Giving Day in our place where we give thanks to the bounty of nature and (for us) mousies.  Sometimes a birdie, but that is rare.  But on our own, we would be very hungry cats.

So first we want to thank TBT for the food he gives us every day several times.  It is GOOD STUFF.  We get fishie food and birdie foods every day.


Second, we want to say TBT is a GOOD FRIEND.  He scritches us in places that we have trouble getting at,  He takes Sticky Seeds out of our furs,  He takes loose furs off us. He lets us sit on his LAP and feel loved.

He pays attention when we meow.  Sometimes that just means we want attention and sometimes we want to go out,  He seems to know.  We are thankful for that,   He doesn't speak The Language, but he guesses pretty well.

 He talks to us all day.   We love to hear him talk to us.  It means he knows we are there around him.  We all talk back.

He stays outside with us ta protect us when we are out,  and that makes us feel safe.  We love being out.  It is very exciting.  And so, when he has to go IN to like make his complicated meals, we come back in.  Because we know he and we will go out again the next day.

We know we are lucky kitties,  TBT says so.  And we agree.  It is a GOOD PLACE.  Marley and Ayla knew from the start (well after a few days).  I Laz, had a trouble trusting it at first, but I know now,

We are showing it by getting along.  Yeah, we used these pics a few days ago, but it still counts.  We are getting along.

We are all thankful and happy here...

We are thankful to be here...