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Saturday, December 05, 2020

Offline, Rebuild


We are going to be generally offline for a few days or a week.  The computer is falling apart, programs are failing.  I can't fix it within the current Mac/OS, and that means upgrading the Mac/OS version to the point where other programs will fail.


I went through hoops trying to keep familiar programs running a year ago.  I basically succeded, but it was temporary. 


I've been living with Mac High Sierra.  But too many apps are no longer supported with that.  Feedly is driving me nuts not sending comments, for example.  And it is important to me to visit my friends.


So it is time to rebuild.  I think I will have to migrate to The Cloud.  I think I will have to pay to upgrade programs.  I think I will have to learn changes in familiar programs. I may have been hacked.


I'm not looking forward to any of that.  I'm not even sure I can.  Everything seems stranger with each generation of OS.  Well, at least I know what that MEANS, LOL!


I'll get through this change, but it won't be fast or easy.


But maybe I'll be good for another few years.


I may try to hook up the Windows 10 computer.  The organization of it baffles me (I'm used to total control over file organization and Win 10 fights me).  But I did "grow up" with Windows.  It sure has changed.  Maybe I can make sense of it again.


But I want Mac back. 


But be assured I will be back.  I'm just going to have a hard week or 2...