Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Werdy Wensday

You cant see the bowl, but I decided to eat in the Captains Chair.  I like to eat in different places.  Sometimes it it there, sometimes the bathroom windersill, sometimes the dresser, sometimes the top of the shoe rack.  I've even eaten in the hamper.  He follows me around with the food bowl until I decide where I want to eat.  Princesses get that kind of attention...

We get 7 differnt flavors of Stinky Goodness plus crunchies.  Variety is the spice of life.

Speaking of flavors,  when it was Skeeter, LC and Me and later Iza, it was all birdy flavors like chicken and turkey and duck, but some venison and tuna.  Now, with Marley and Laz and me, it is almost all fishy flavors.  Salmon, tuna, tuna with shrimp, tuna with tilapia, tuna with chicken.  The crunchies are chicken.

He worries about all that tuna.  So he gets "sneaky" (If you think we cats are sneaky, you should meet TBT).  Just as he goes to bed and first thing in the morning, he gives us the chicken and the turkey.  We eat it overnight and in the morning because we are hungry...  We often ignore them t first, but later it is all gone.

Laz had the hardest time adjusting to that.  He was raised on crunchies.  Stinky Goodness was hard enough.  Now he has to eat flavors he doesnt like so well.  In fact he went from 9.8 lbs to 8.8 lbs his first 6 months here.  But he is back up to 9.2 and gaining the past 2 months.

TBT is relentless sometimes.  He says that when we are just around together outside or in, on laps, sleeping together in bed, he is "TBT".  But when it comes to vet visits or food, he is "Dad" and "Dad" cares about our health and a "balanced diet".