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Friday, December 18, 2020

Flashback Friday

Today we return to this week 10 years ago (2010 for those who dont like math - well WE dont, we have to count carefully on our toesies MOL).  Iza was enjoying the cat tree.

She wasn't a climbing cat, so being up high was a strange feeling for her.  She would stare down at the "far-away floor".

She was allus innersted in looking at TBT at eye-level.
Loved rolling around on the platforms.
And liked looking out at the front yard, where she couldnt go.
Ayla liked the tree too, but heights were no problem for her.  She would sometimes just jump directly to an upper platform.
Iza seldom went to the very top, but "sometimes". 
Getting down was allus tricky.  She had little climbing experience (being a "hefty" kitty) so getting down was allus an adventure.  Not that she wasnt strong (she was a regular python of muscle) but weight matters, MOL!
Which resulted in some odd attempts.  She would back down carefully.