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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Easy Like Sunday

LAZ:  There is a chair in the bedroom where TBT sits to put on his furs and pawcovers.  But he knows I like to sit there some nights when he tosses and turns too much fer me ta sleep next ta him, so he put some folded towels on it just for me.  Ayla isnt the only one who likes Bloo.  I AM 1/2 Siamese, after all.

The towel is a bit claw0catchy.  Sometimes I have to shake a paw loose.
But it IS comfy, so I deal with it.
Tried a B&W pic.  I dont think it flatters me.  Makes me look a bit "boring".
When TBT starts to wake up, I watch him carefully.  Sometimes he just turns.  But when he actally gets UP, that means Breakfast!
I LOVE Breakfast.