Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Weerd Wensday

 LAZ:  Some pictures are just hard to figure out.  TBT took this one and couldnt decide what he was seeing.  He thought maybe he was wearing a hoodie and had bare shoulders or something odd.  And I was on the wrong side of him!

He finally figured out that the beige was his suspenders (belts dont help him much and the beige matched his skin color).  I thought that was funny, because I've never actally SEEN my own skin (which seems somewhat disturbing).  

And the "hoodie" was just his shirt puffed up from the suspenders.  Now, sure, IVE seen him from behind (we all watch our Beins carefully, right?) but apparently HE hasnt.

Now that Im in my Forever Home, I pay more attenshun to the Bein.  Endless sort of amusement when you find the right one...  They know so LITTLE about themselves.  Easily distracted, obedient, trainable, no claws...  I envy the thumbs, though.