Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Tonkinese Female Kitten

TBT:   I placed a deposit with a tonkie breeder for a female tonkie kitten in December.  Iza was such a wonderful loving cat that I sought another.  I know, a new kitten won't be Iza.  But in general, I will hope for some similar characteristics of her breed (person-oriented, silky fur, lapcat).  

The good news is that the breeder thinks I am a perfect person for one of their kittens.  I had them read my blog to see about Iza and the other Mews.  They put me high up on their waiting list.   I am grateful for that.

The bad news is that their most recent Queen had to have a c-section and none of the kittens survived.  I am crying for them; People, Queen, and lost kittens.

The good news is that their other Queen should have a litter in March and the kittens available in June.  I can hardly wait.

If this seems a bit transactional, it is.  I want a female tonkie; I wont hide it.  Most of the cats in my life have been random, not by breed (other than Ayla - I really wanted a Siamese).  This one is for me by choice.  And it will almost certainly be my last one.  At 70, I have to think about my age at a kitten's senior years.

Her name will be Lorelei Lee (aka, Lori) to match Lapis Lazuli (Laz) from the Robert A Heinlein books.  Never mind that Lapis Lazuli is a male cat; Heinlein is a bit fluid about gender anyway and I like theme names.

I am waiting for June, 5 months...

No Dad Report today since it is me posting.  



  1. How exciting! A new Tonkie kitten!!!
    I am looking forward to June too... it will be warmer ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  2. Okay TBT - once you've got four kitties, you'll officially be a Mad Cat Man. Okay? You'll be allowed to wear the t-shirt with pride! LOL

    You can buy 'em here:

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Car and carrier at the ready ... June appropriate so sayeth June.

  4. That is sad news about the other kittens. Good news that you are getting a much wanted tonkie baby though.

  5. How very sad about the kits, but we are so excited for you for June!

  6. Can't wait to see the new kit, keep us posted!

  7. We are sad for the people, their queen and the lost babies, but we are happy that you will get Lorelei Lee in June! June will be purrfect! Have a marvellously Happy Day and Keep on Truckin'

  8. How sad that she lost her kittens. June will be a good time for you to get your kitten as you should be all healed and back to normal by them.

  9. Oh, dear, that poor family to loose all the kittens. How sad for the Queen and her peeps, too.

    I thought you were going to tell us you couldn't take in another kitty because of your current condition...but glad that you have lots of time to heal well by June. I hope Lorelei Lee will be a wonderful and fun addition to your furmily!

  10. That is sad about the kittens. June will be here before you know it though.

  11. Sad about the kittens loss - but you will certainly be more agile by June - just don't let her get up a tree !

  12. How exciting! Is this the first time you’ve had 4 cats at one time?

  13. We are all rescues except Rumpy who is purebred American Bobtail who unfortunately was a "Rumpy" so was dumped by his breeder. Dad was looking for a Sphynx as he had lost Coco (our moms cat who Dad took in after sister proved unable to properly care for him. Long story)or Siamese (Dad had a wonderful Siamese for many years. We wish you well. Dad is 68 so made provisions for our care, just in case. We cant wait for the new kitten! Yay!
    Keep on Healin!


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