Saturday, February 06, 2021

Caturday Saturday

We sometimes have problems getting comments to publish.  So we started copying each one before trying ta post in case it dint get through and sending it to Notes (with Dad's help of course - we have our limits).   We are sure the problem is here with us, not our friends blogs.  It isn't always the same ones.  And it isn't always whether it is a blogspot, wordpress, or owned site.  It baffles us and Dad...

So we are trying something new.  Here is a list of the blogs and the comments we wanted to send to but failed.  Partly so you all know we tried, and partly because we can't stand it when our clever or sympathetic comments don't reach our dear friends.

A few showed up hours later an we deleted the from the list below...  We are never sure.  So "just in case"...

Ducky - That was a great-lookin meal!  We trust she cut out a bit of the steak center for you (rawer).  That shrimp looked a bit spicy.  TBT usually cuts off a small portion of his meat (UNSPICED) and cooks that separately for us.  It is nice ta be able ta eat some of the good meats we can smell.  He says "We are all housemates here and housemates share".

In return, sometimes we bring him a mousie.  Granted, he likes ta go eat it privately on the front steps where we can't see, but he always comes back inside licking his lips, so we know we are contributing…

Lone Star Cats - We see you are all wearing red in anticipation of National Wear Red Day!  Good planning...  Good planning for Valentine's Day too.

Ramblingon - Carbs are GOOD (when they are fresh veggies and fruits).  I go easy on the starchy ones like pasta and potatoes though.  Not enough nutrients (though I have read that the main problem with potatoes is that people want to drown them in butter or gravy), LOL!

I make a dish with cubed beef, peppers and potatoes and the only add-on it gets is pan-juice (a little splash of dry sherry to de-glaze the skillet).

I make bread in a bread machine (easy-peasy).  But I use beer instead of water and add a lot on crushed onion and garlic, and a heaping tablespoon of oregano or Italian Seasoning mix.  Really deepens the flavor.  Friends and family (and the neighbor who helped while I was injured) all love it!

Rose - First encounters with snow can be weerd!  Laz had his fist couple days ago.  He had SEEN it before at his 2 previous homes (we assume) but had never been out in it.

He was NOT thrilled!  He kept shaking is paws when walking on it.  And when a paw finally sank in, he was done with it. We (Marley and Ayla) were WAITING for that.  MOL!

Zoolatry - Tails are wunnerful fer pictorial modesty.  And we love to sit on the computer keyboard and newspaper ta get attention focussed on US.  Where it should be!


We and Dad hope to figure it all out when he feels better (and he is getting there).  HE says it is probbly "32/64 bit apps conflicts" (whatever THAT is - and don't ask US).  But we dont want some of our friends ta thing we are ignorin them!


  1. There are certain blogger blogs with an interface that eats my comments. Lone Star Cats is one of them. I found if I use a different browser than my normal one (in my case, Firefox instead of my usual Safari), the comments go through. I don't know if this will help you - it did me.

  2. You guys write great comments and it must be very frustrating when the innerwebs just eats 'em up.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. I have that trouble too sometimes even right in the middle of typing it goes poof!
    And I do also have some issues with various blogs trying to eat my comments too. The comment machines must be hungry, LOL!

  4. Try saving the comment to Notes or Word before pressing the "submit" button. That way, you still have it for a 2nd or later try. It costs nothing to do it and so keeps your post. A re-written comment is never as good as the original in my experience. Creativity is good; replication, not so much.

  5. I only really have a problem with problems disappearing on two blogs, Manx Mnews occasionally and Catio Tails nearly every time. I start to write my comment and the page suddenly drops right to the bottom losing my comment. Sometimes it happens half way through, other times it waits for me to hit publish. Sometimes it takes three attempts to leave a comment and then I give up.
    I have a different problem on 15 and Meowing. I can't see any comments at all there including my own until the following day. Also often I only get the tiny box instead of a photo. I think our two blogs must conflict somewhere because as far as I know no-one else gets that problem with her blog, and Ellen's is the only blog I get that problem with. The web can be weird sometimes!
    You have Zoolatry on your list. They have comment moderation turned on so you won't see your comment there until it is approved.

  6. Generally I have not had a problem with comments, but your idea of saving them just in case is good. You never know with some sites just what their protocols are :/

  7. We've had that problem too. We use Firefox and once we disabled enhanced protection and allowed 3rd party cookies we could comment again. Yep, it sure is frustrating.

  8. It is one thing if mum is doing the cooking, she is more likely to share as she knows what is in and on it. Outside foods she usually doesn't share.

  9. That was a great work around for the time being! Tech sure can be frustrating at times.

  10. Your comments have been showing up on my blog. :) This was a good idea to let others know you tried.

  11. I have a hard time with Brian's, Summer's and a hit or miss with Ellen's as I never see any comments..mine or others... on hers until the next day. Maybe.

    I have learned pretty much to copy the comment before I try to send..then, I can paste as many times as I can until it finally takes. And you're right. Trying to re-say what you just said is never as satisfactory. The first time is usually the best time. Why I copy and paste for the blogs I just mentioned.

  12. I have noticed when I make comments between 5-7 am my time...many of them are eaten up. I wonder if that is signinicant or just a continuing fluke?

  13. I think it's Marley's fault. Sometimes he wants your attention. You're not supposed to pay attention to other cats ...

  14. Dad had a problem with our Video Editor (Which we hardly ever use but are going to try) and had to get onto help by text. Yeah no answer till Dad figured it out. Corrupted file. Happy 64/32 or 32/64 Fun


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