Friday, February 12, 2021

Flashback Friday

AYLA:  Today we get a little more recent than usual.  This week in 2014...

This is about as high (and narrow) as ya can get in the bedroom.

The Ess is good fer sittin in low.
Laying on low...
Or sittin on the top.
It can get a bit busy around the Ess, though.

So I stay a bit watchful...


  1. Aww, I love this flashback! I don't see enough of you, Ayla.

  2. That is a pawsome flashback. I have never ventured to sit on top of our bifold doors. The ess looks pretty comy as well.
    Purrs, Julie

  3. The top of the door is much less crowded, Ayla! And you could step down onto TBT's head as he walks past - bonus!

    Sydney, Australia

  4. The many ways of Ayla ... but how did you get up on that door top? (maybe you used TBT's infamous ladder ...)
    Happy restful weekend to all.

  5. Wow! How did you get up there, Ayla?

  6. That was sure a fun flashback sweet Ayla!

  7. Great flashbacks! Awesome! Have a Fabulishious day!

  8. That is a long way up but a narrow perch, Ayla.

  9. I think that Ess was well loved! And I did you get up there?

  10. Nice flashback. I can see the esss was popular. :)

  11. We saw you left us a message yesterday and now it is gone when Dad went to send you an email. I guess you deleted it as it is never good to put emails anywhere. If you go on our blog on the left side badges scroll way down to the last one and the is a Contact Us form. Let me know if you send a message as it goes to an old email.
    I used to Door sit too and Miss Fitz was Queen of the S Lounger
    Timmy and Dad

  12. Of our 6 kitties, only one was able to do as you did, Ayla, jump up and sit on must have been VERY agile!

    My cousin used to have a Russian Blue or maybe it was a Blue Tonk, I can't remember and this was years before I even had my own cats, well, this kitty jumped up on doors like you and then pounced on any and every passer by! Yikes!! MOL!


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