Saturday, April 17, 2021

Caturday Saturday

LAZ:   TBT pushed me off the deck rail today!  I was rollin on a doormat draped over it and he just PUSHED ME!

TBT:  I did NOT!  You just rolled off the edge...

LAZ:  But you were RIGHT THERE.  You must have had something ta do with it.

TBT:  I opened the deck door to tell you it was dinnertime.  You were so happy, you just rolled off...

LAZ:  It was 12' down!

TBT:  Not my fault Dude!  You rolled over on your own.  Maybe I shouldn't have left the door mats draped over the deck rail though.  I know you like to roll around on them.

LAZ:  SEE everybody?  He admits it was HIS fault!

TBT:  C'mon Dude, I didn't even laugh.  And I gave you treats and some Nip and then tuna when you came in.

LAZ:  Bribery to sooth your guilty conchus conciensus, mind!

TBT:  Would you rather I had given you broccoli for dinner?  Or I could leave the deck door closed all day tomorrow...

LAZ:  OK, OK, I'll "claim" I rolled over on my own.  Happy?

TBT:  No, I was quite worried watching you fall.  I even (unsuccessfully) grabbed at the doormat you clawed at and dragged down with you as you slipped over.

LAZ:  Really?  

TBT:  Yes "really".  

LAZ:  Well...  OK.  But why dint ya take a picture?  And a video would have been better.

TBT:  Laz, It was too sudden.  I don't take pictures just by "looking", ya know.  I need a camera gadget. But I have the picture in my mind.

LAZ:  Sometimes Im not too sure about that!

TBT:  Trust me.  I still remember when LC rolled off the deck once, and I didn't have the camera then either.  And that was a LONG time ago.  I remember things without having camera pictures.

LAZ:  LC did that too?

TBT:  Yeah, but not as far.  She was asleep on the deck and forgot she was at the edge.  Fell right off!  But she only fell 8'.  You set a record here!

LAZ:  And you remember that.  Why dont I?

TBT:  It was way before you were born.  In fact, it was before Ayla was born, I think.  I'd have to look at ancient pictures, 15 years maybe.  But yeah, we Beins remember things without camera pictures.

LAZ:  Wow, I don't remember last year very well.

TBT:  Well, since you mention it, your Gotcha Day is coming up soon.  I will throw a special GOTCHA LAZ DAY PARTY just for you.

LAZ:  I saw Marley and Ayla had one a few Moons ago.  I didn't know I would.  I know I've done a few bad things...

TBT:  You and me (and US) buddy...  Mark And The Mews...

LAZ:  (Whew) OK.  Could ya at least put up ONE picture though?

TBT:  Here you go, Laz.  You and Me...


  1. Wow! That is quite the fall Laz! We are glad you are OK!

  2. Glad you are OK Laz buddy.

  3. Glad you are still friends. :)

  4. Glad all is well Laz ! Our kitties mostly fall off the bed.

  5. I'm glad you are okay, Laz! That must have been kind of scary for both you and TBT.

  6. Glad you both got that sorted out! Glad you were okay too, 12 feet is a long way to fall!
    Feedly must be acting up again. Your Saturday and Sunday posts came in together. I noticed it didn't show my my last Friday Flashback until 10.15 am our time, so that was 10 1/4 hours late.

  7. Ouch!! That would have scared our petcretary, too! Glad you didn't hurt yourself, when your TBT had his great fall.


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