Friday, April 30, 2021

Flashback Friday

THE MEWS:   Today we visit the past, but, for once, only a year ago.  Well, sometimes change is good...

TBT had finished building the marker for Iza's.  The brass letters arrived later.  It was the last of the brown resin cat threesome (and he cant find more) so ours will be different (many years from now).

Marley temporarily loved the doggie bed.  No doggie ever slept in it and he was 18 pounds, so it seemed a good fit.
TBT painted some terra-cotta pots bloo. And Ayla posed behind them showing her approval...  She allus loves bloo.  
TBT tried cross-grafting some tomatoes.  It failed.  Hid paws are too unsteady with a razor blade.  But he still tries every year.  He thinks he lets them get too large before trying.  He is doing it earlier this year.

We'll go back ta older stuff in the future (isn't "older stuff in the future" an odd thought?), but we liked these pics for today.

PS, Happy Tabby Day.  We (Marley and Laz) are "sort of" tabby.  We will claim enough to celebrate the day.


  1. That is such a dignified bronze cat statue.

    Hope this years attempts at grafting will work. Maybe using an exacto knife (like for crafts) will give more control than using a plain razor blade?? Just a thought.

  2. Hope the tomato grafting is successful!

  3. The cat marker for Iza is really nice!
    Grafting can be hard and one day you will be successful :)
    Marley's face plant made mum laugh :) MOL!!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  4. Lurved that last pic of Marley!

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Iza's marker is lovely. I have never tried grafting tomatoes but the plants I grew from seed this year are coming on slowly and about 3 inches high now. It has been so cold that I bring them all in from the unheated greenhouse into the kitchen every night. I wish it would warm up so I could plant them. It is too cold to plant out the tender bedding plants either. The forecasters have said that this April has been the coldest and driest April for 60 years.

  6. Happy Tabby Day! Even the more recent memories are nice to see.

  7. Good memories. That’s a beautiful marker for Iza.

  8. Iza's marker is beautiful. Happy Tabby Cat Day Marley and Laz! XO

  9. It's good to remember, but honestly I can't bring myself to look at my cats' pictures anymore. I think of them everyday though. I like Iza's marker is beautiful.


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