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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Happy Tuesday

We just have to say we are thrilled to be able to comment on blogs again!  

[Image - 71862] | Happy Cat | Know Your Meme 

We used Firefox for years and then we couldn't leave comments.  We switched to Safari and that worked a year.  We update the apps of course.

Then Safari stopped letting us comment to most sites.   We went back to Firefox yesserday and it let us comment to ALL our friends!  We are SO THRILLED!  

We sure hope that lasts for a while...




  1. My human uses Firefox to comment on blogs, and Safari for pretty much everything else.

  2. WooHoo!!
    It's great when solutions are found :)
    Purrs, Julie

  3. I am glad that going back to Firefox worked. I used Firefox for years but found it got ever slower and changed to Chrome. I keep saying I will try Firefox again. The TV had FF preinstalled and that doesn't run slow so it must have been some problem back then, probably 6 or more years ago. Hope all goes well again now.

  4. That's terrific, we can mostly not comment using Firefox now and that coupled with our internet going in and out sure makes it challenging.

  5. I did not realize there were issues with Apples and Commenting. We are happy that you are happy!

  6. Sometimes I have to use other browsers for comments, but not on all blogs...right now, FF is working pretty well...hooray for us and you, too!

  7. We used to use Firefox but then tried Chrome and have been happy since. Glad things are running smooth


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