Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Werdy Wensday

TBT HERE:   It seems time to answer a few questions.  So here we go...

Summer mentioned (about the mirror kitty) that That looks like fun! Sparkle hated mirror kitty. I think she is pretty!  We thought she meant Ayla's mirror kitty at first.  Then realized she meant her own mirror-kitty.  Yes, Summer, your mirror-kitty is beautiful!  As you are.

Memories Of Eric And Flynn mentioned The boys had ping pong balls in the bath which they used to bat around. We soon learned to take them out at night!  

We did ping-pong balls in the tub too.  Same results.  The sink made it much quieter though.

The J-Cats said “my brothers mostly go there when there are dishes with tasty food remnants there, waiting to be washed up.”

I just drown all the dishes at night and put them in the dishwasher the next morning when I’m lazy.  The Mews don’t get to lick them much.  I use a lot of spices and I’m never sure about what spices are safe for them.

Several readers were concerned about Laz falling 12’ from the deck.  Well, he lands better than I did from the ladder and on 4 feet.  He is fearless.  He willing jumped off the deck to chase a squirrel a day before.

Neither event bothered him in the slightest.

“Easy Like Sunday” had many people happy.  I was happy too.  It was a rare event.  The good news is that Ayla is asserting herself.  And I am beginning to thing that Laz mostly just wants to play but hasn’t learned how with Ayla.  

Things seem calm again.  When Laz gets too close, she hisses.  Lately, he backs away after that.  They will never be friends, but maybe he is learning not to be so aggressive.  Laz and Marley get along great!

And yes, food is soothing to all…

Many commenters asked about “mousies” vs “voles”.  The Mews consider ALL of them “mousies” in the generic sense.  The distinctions are minor (small, furry, grabbable, and pouncable).  But I learned about some differences I had NOT understood before.

On Twofur Tuesday, several people mentioned the warm laundry or the bloo towel in the drawer.  I do not mind cat fur on my clothes.  After years, cat fur is part of my life.  Though I do sometimes put a towel over the underwear drawer when I offer it for cat-naps.  Cat fur on the outside of my clothes is just such a routine part of my life, LOL!  I don’t even TRY to avoid it anymore.


  1. Thanks for answering all our queries!

    And I like this way of commenting way better than the other. You can reply to each comment if you wish:)
    That's the way our blog is set up, too.

  2. That post about moles, voles and shrews was really interesting! I've never seen any of those. My only rodent encounters have been with roof rats, the time they invaded the house a few years back.

  3. Thanks for all the answers. I learned something new from your other blog too. I never realised that voles weren't rodents, but always wondered why the boys never ate them.
    I am glad things have calmed down between Laz and Ayla. More outdoor time probably helps settle him too.

    1. It is shrews that aren't actually rodents. Parallel evolution...

    2. My mistake, I meant to put shrews but couldn't have been concentrating. I did get it the right way round in my comment on your other blog. The voles are what we call field mice and the boys found them as tasty as their longer tailed house mouse relatives. Of course the real delicacy was finding a nest of pinkies!

  4. Cool answers to all those questions :)
    Purrs, Julie

  5. Thank you for taking the time to respond to questions and comments. Always interesting.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. As far as cat fur goes, it can stick to the clothes and the furniture and the blankets and wherever. There's no stopping it. The only thing I cover up and hide is my pillow. Cat fur in my eyes is annoying and stuck to my face tickles. Fluff's fur clings to everything!

  7. I’m glad things are going better with Ayla and Laz. You’re right, they might never be friends, but tolerating each other is okay too.

  8. I don't mind cat hair on my clothes either. I do keep the closet door shut though because I do mind them reaching up and clawing clothes. :)

  9. You covered a lot of ground! An outfit isn't complete to me without cat hair, MOL! And as long as Ayla and Laz can peacefully co-habitate, that's a win, even if they aren't BFFs.

  10. We are glad about Laz and Ayla- and to learn more about our outside prey species too !


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