Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Twofur Tuesday

MARLEY:  Yeah it is me again, but Laz is in the picture too, so that counts two!


I was getting scritchies.  Laz was grooming his furs on the floor.  I dint need that since TBT had just brushed and combed me.  I enjoy that.  Laz doesnt.  He doesnt know what he is missing.

I had just finished pawing a post and TBT was turning it into better werds and stuff.  I mean, I type and all, but I dont unnerstand commas and stuff an some werds are tricky ta spell.  He fixes it "just enough".  He says we "have our voice" and he doesnt mess wit it too much.

That paper on the side is where he keeps track of our pictures.  I dont unnerstand THAT part at all.  But I gather that he lists the pic numbers, who is involved, and what what happenned in the pics there.  I'm glad HE does cuz I cant.


  1. Hooray for good scritchies!! Pipo wasn't one to enjoy bushies that much, but Minko loved it.

    Looks like TBT is very organized with his pics. Way more than petcretary...sigh...

  2. Brushes and scritchies are both good. Eric loved being brushed, Flynn tolerated it.

  3. It's good that you've been able to delegate some of the more tedious tasks to TBT. Saves you from the boring stuff and it keeps him occupied with something to do - win/win!

    Sydney, Australia

  4. You were snoopervising TBT very well, Marley. And getting paid in scritches.

  5. My late brofur, Bear, LOVED to be brushed. Me? Not AT ALL! I can clean my fur just fine, thank you very much. ~Ellie Mae

  6. All mum has to do is run her fingers over the comb or brush and I come running.
    Heck, I demand brushes. All I have to do is hop up on my table with the soft mat on it and stare
    at mum. She knows what I want. MOL!!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  7. Sounds like your dad is a good editor.

  8. TBT is more organized about photos than my human! She just has hers filed in folders by month and year.

  9. Marley, our old bro Elliott didn't care much for getting brushed either. Of course, he was so bony that it probably wasn't comfortable. Mom had to use a really soft brush on him and he was OK with that, but it didn't get much fur. Us, we LOVE getting brushed!

  10. June would run at the sight of a brush! Then in February I asked for a groomer who was trimming her nails (which I cannot do) to also try to give her a good brushing as she'd never had one. I watched through the window -- the groomer did NOT even have to hold her, June lay happily still and calm on the table and allowed a long and luxurious brush, up, down, everywhere. Two days later I brought out our brush at home, she leapt up into my lap as though it were a regular thing ... I brushed up, down, everywhere ... it's a every day thing ever since. Go figure ... cats will be cats.


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