Saturday, June 26, 2021

Flashback Friday On Saturday

Well, gee, I thought we had the Friday Flashback set up for yesterday, but it seems I messed up.  And I was all busy outside today, so I only checked after dinner today.  As The Mews say "Oh Mouse-Droppings"!

But we can still post something today...

Marley was still newish (see how slender he was) and learning to open cabinet doors.  It seems to be passed from cat to cat.

He got in.  He can't these days (or doesn't bother to).
Iza was respecting the flag a week before on Flag Day along side of me.
Marley was in his favorite box.  I think I should make a new one.  I have old wrapping paper around.
Iza tried it out too.

Happy belated Flashback Friday!


  1. Mouse droppings indeed. Lift your game TBT! LOL

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Better late than never! I loved these flashbacks.

  3. At least you got here! I am only doing limited commenting and am very behind. Really I shouldn't be using the computer at all.
    That is a very fancy box, Marley.

  4. Those were a fun bunch of flashbacks!

  5. Loved seeing them all. Our first kitty was a door opener door was too hard. You could hear him trying to get doors open all day long...thunk, bang, meow, thunk, bang...and so on! None of the other five ever did it...LOL!


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