Monday, June 28, 2021

Mancat Monday

 LAZ:  TBT says I have gotten MUCH better lately.  He says he hasn't heard Ayla yell recently.  Well, I'm not surprised at THAT because mostly I just want to play and Ayla hisses at ME if I ask to wrassle or run around inside.  She is meaner than ya think.  

I sleep with TBT almost every night.  It was ON the blankies at first, but I noticed that Marley was happy UNNER the blankies.  So I tried that.  NOW I ask ta get UNNER and TBT always allows it.  It just werks better!  I sleep better, he sleeps better.  

ON the blankies, everytime TBT moves, I get shifted.  UNNER the blankies, TBT can turn over an it doesn't cause me to leave.  Blankies sliding OVER me slightly dont disturb me sleep, and TBT says I dont pin him down  UNNER nearly as much as ON.  An I LOVE sleeping against him.  

I should mention that when Ayla hisses at me sometimes, I don't bother her these days.  TBT has esplained to me that I was mean at first.  I dont remember much of that.  I was scared an confoosed.  Well, when I came here, I wasn't a happy kitty.  But OMC, this is a good place.  I've calmed down.

Getting outside here was the 3rd best thing that ever happened to me (1st was the breeder lady rescuing me from the dogs and 2nd was just arriving at my Forever Home.  I know TBT had worries about me.  Marley taught me to read werds.  So I saw doubts.

But TBT assures me that is over.  I am a more relaxed and happy kitty than ever before in my short life.  Marley likes me, TBT likes me.  Ayla will calm down.  I mean, already the past couple months, we groom foreheads and sniff butts and THAT has ta be good, right?

I mean, we can sit on the same deck rail in peace.  

Marley photobomb there...



  1. Ah - good on ya, Marley. You've gotta love a good photobomb.

    Laz - I'm glad that so many good things have started to happen in your life. And it's nice to hear you expressing your gratitude. You've found yourself an excellent forever home, and you seem to have worked out how to train TBT to do things just as you want them! If sleeping unner the blankets is good in summer, I expect it will be even better in winter.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. I'm glad things are working out with Ayla, Laz. Sometimes it takes a long time.

  3. Marley! What a fun tailio!!

    Laz, we are so happy to read about your better days, and that you are so happy and even way more relaxed now.

    Ayla will accept least we hope so:)

    Just let her do it on her terms, OK?!

  4. I am glad that you have settled into your new life. You had such a hard start that it was bound to be more difficult for you. Marley is a good brother, and Ayla is getting more accepting every day. What could be better!

  5. I'm so glad all is better Laz and hooray for you figuring it all out!

  6. That is sweet that you sleep under the covers with Marley and TBT. I am glad you get along with Ayla now too. XO

  7. I love those pictures! I was getting worried too so I'm very happy things are working out for you. I've never had a cat sleep under the blankies and I would love it!

  8. Laz, I will tell you that Mom and I LOVED and laughed reading your last thought there! About grooming and sniffing, you should excuse me for mentioning...

  9. Oh Laz, I am so happy to hear that things are so much better now.
    The period of adjustment is over and now you are all happy housemates :)
    By the way, I also like to sleep with mum :) Not on or under,
    mum moves the covers so I have a space beside her (near her pillow). That makes me happy.
    Purrs, Julie

  10. We're happy to read that you're living a happy life, Laz ! Purrs


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