Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Twofur Tuesday

LAZ:  Sometimes TBT has food out on his table he thinks we might grab an run off with (well, yeah, we would - food is where ya find it).  So sometimes he doesnt open the door when he isn't sure what is where...

But "sad eyes" allus get us in regardless...

Was that good enough Marley?
It's OK, we got inside for crunchies when he figured out where HIS food was.

But he DID have ta keep that chicken bone in the freezer til trash day...  We would have gotten at it in the trash.



  1. Hi, reading your blog, first comments. Laz that sad eyed look could get you roast chicken on a platter if you only knew. I would like a pal like Marley, orange & white. You have a very kind conscientious TBT so be thankful. I'm jealous you can go outside. I can only stick my nose out the open windows & doors - no good on a leash. I am a handsome Russian blue lovebug. I love treats and chasing bugs.

  2. Oh, those really are sad eyes, Laz!!
    Good thing you were allowed back n to get your crunchies:)

    I used to know a ginger kitty called Gideon, who was also a good trash can digger, (aka dumpster-diver)...usually when there was an empty tuna can in there, LOL!

  3. Pawsome sad eyes Laz!!
    While humans are protective if their food, they will sometimes share a tidbit ;)
    Good they you finally got in for your supper!
    Purrs, Julie

  4. That was a brilliant rendition of sad eyes Laz - absolutely superb. And the placement of the ears really added to the overall impact. What was Marley doing? A whole lot less than his fair share judging by these pics - just smooching around waiting for you to get TBT to do what you both wanted!

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Those sad eyes work every time. :)

  6. Excellent Sad Eyes!!!
    The Florida Furkids

  7. Mommy had boneless chicken breasts in the sink the other day and Lexy jumped up and stole one! MOL

  8. We'd let you in with those eyes and we'd let you have the chicken too.

  9. My human keeps her chicken bones in the refrigerator until trash day too.


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