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Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Twofur Tuesday

TBT:  Two Brofurs in the afternoon sunlight, sittin in a tree...

 Marley doesn't get up to the top platform very often these days.  He may be getting a bit arthritic.  Or he might just be overweight.  He outweighs Laz and Ayla combined...  He is 16.6 (on my digital scale, with both of us first and then just me).  Laz is 8.8 and Ayla is 6.6.  

About that:  He weighed 18 pounds in Feb.  The vet recommended he lose a couple pounds and gave me a form to use to track his calorie intake.  I looked at it later at home and had to laugh.  I would have to weigh his food, calculate the calorie intake for each meal according to the can nutrition data at gram level (ounces are too crude a measure), make sure he never ate anything from another bowl (no leftovers), and track everything weekly.

That would mean standing guard over every meal, taking up the bowls with uneaten food immediately, and not leaving an "overnight" meal for The Mews.  Yeah, like that's going to make them happy...

On the other hand, I've been a bit more careful with the food.  For years, I gave Marley more food "because" he was bigger.  As in a human football player needs more food than a female gymnast.  But that gets into a reinforcement pattern.  The heavier he got, the more food I thought he needed.

So, as I said, I started backing off on "food by weight" and gone to "needed food".  He has lost about 1.2 pounds since Feb and seems happy enough.  He still gets plenty of it.  I'm going for 16 pounds, slowly.  

Some cats (like Marley) will eat everything available and then nose into others' bowls.  Ayla eats only what she needs (6.6 pounds for years, day in and day out anytime I weigh her.  I would actually LIKE to plump her up a bit, but she eats what she eats and then stops.  

Laz is in between.  He is finicky.  He was raised on kibble and I think mostly wet food is better overall.  It has been a bit of debate between he and I.  So, sometimes I toss a few kibbles on his wet food.  When he eats the kibbles his "eat mode" is on and he finishes the rest.  And I have gotten in the habit of making "First Dinner" (about 5pm) an all-kibble meal.  Marley and Ayla think that is fine, too.

I should mention that Laz weighed 9.6 pounds when he arrived here and 8.8 now.  Well, he was an inside cat for his first 3 years with nothing to do.  Now that he is loving the backyard, he burns up more energy.  8.8 seems to be his more "natural, active" weight.  At least, he sometimes leaves a bit of food in his bowl, so he isn't hungry.

More than I expected to type for this post...  LOL!


  1. Your picture was so nicely lit by the sunny window's light!

    I have a couple of foodies here, too...and when Dalton came here he weighed about 9 pounds, and now he weighs in at about 18 pounds as of last week. Yikes. He is turning into a little since we only feed meals and do not leave any bowls laying around, I can ration the food for better portion control. I have cut back the treats to about cutting them in half! He thinks he is still getting all the treats, LOL!

    Benji has put on weight too, though when he came here he was mighty thin. He seems about right at his current weight...

  2. When it was three of us here, my human actually did stand there while we ate breakfast and dinner and picked up the bowls as soon as we were done! And we all ate promptly. No food left out, ever. And none of us had a weight issue. But we all learned that routine from an early age.

  3. It's hard to discipline yourself to limit their foods when they so obviously enjoy eating as much as Marley does!

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Marley is still active so that is good :)
    Purrs, Julie

  5. It's nice to see you being the Top Cat that you are Marley!

  6. Nice to see Marley got up there. Maybe losing a bit of weight made his arthritis better.

  7. That looks like a pawsome spot to hang out. We think Mom would go bonkers trying to keep track of food like that.

  8. That's a great picture! Vets (and doctors) can be pretty unrealistic in some of their suggestions.

  9. Marley is lookin' good 'n' handsome as ever no matter the weight ...
    PS you're getting some really awesome photos of late, new camera? new cell phone?

    1. Partly random luck, partly remembering to keep the (same old) camera within reach.

  10. Keeping cats at the right weight is definitely a tricky issue.

  11. That is a lovely photo. Eric was 23 pounds but not as overweight as it sounds. He was a very big and tall cat so carried it reasonably well. I did gradually change him to wet food and got him down to around 20 pounds. It made a big difference and he became more active. Flynn always kept between 15 and 16 pounds and was very active. That was the ideal weight for him.


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